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I really really like this scent. In my opinion, this is similar to Terre D’Hermes but more complex with a less linear progression from top to base. Relax and stay calm with eBay.com. Didnt check. Performance and longevity is average , projection is 2-3 centimeter (poor), longevity is better than projection and silage. It has it is own smell and I love it! This is just what I get. If this lasted longer, it would easily be an A+ for me, based on scent alone. Top notes of Neroli ,Vetiver and Bergamot in the mix are hypnotizing. Easy signature scent to set yourself apart. Just reminds me too much of something my 8 year old neice would love to spray on herself and all of her dolls, not something a grown man would typically want to smell like. The more I read about this one the more I think I must have received a dodgy bottle when I ordered it from Notino in a gift set a couple of years ago. The atomizer also performs very nicely giving an effective spray with a balanced cloud dispersal. Unique for my nose, with an additional note of medicinal like freshness. This addition develops an accord with the lavender, which creates a much more floral bouquet. Since I had this at the very first year of its release.. because I like neroli scents, I was pleased for the scent itself, but the longevity was a joke.. At the best stayed on me for 2 hours and add a third hour as a skin scent, so the performance wasn't appealing.. Totally recommended. It remains neroli, pepper and bergamot hinted for the rest of its life on my skin. Thanks for the review. Such a shame as this was a unique scent. If you like a more mature fragrance, well blended and with quality ingredients, this is safe choice. Wow, so different & addictive. I get the same citrus dominated scent applied on a paper strip, so my skin is not to blame :) reminds me of an older cologne or something cheap smelling. Icon Elite by Alfred Dunhill is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. I don't get the Terre d"Hermes reference at all. First off, I wanted this for a long time because it was so hyped. The only thing I would say is this totally worth any single dollar that you pay for. It's very masculine (because of the pepper) yet fresh, smooth, classy. This is a perfume that is as well blended as it is packaged. Outstanding fizzy fresh opening that dries down to a smoky wood. This one is good, but not great, in my opinion. This scent has a very nice opening and dry-down. For over 100 years Dunhill has been committed to using the finest ingredients to make its products, and ICON Elite is no different. Here's the full code for my EditorWindow, I've been trying to assign icon from existing components, icons like "rigidbody icon" or "charactercontroller icon": (Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I was not assigning any of the icons that are available through the manual menu. As the fragrance commences to dry-down, the green vetiver joins to support the opening notes but it is soft; the oud, leather, oakmoss act as projecting accords, they add mostly woody and slightly smoky tone. its not linear and it develop on you from start to finsih,,,very invigorating and it literally puts me in a good mood....its original in that other colognes do not really smell like this....again for 100ml at 55 bux the most I almsot giggle at pple buying 100 bux plus fresh scents etc....get your nose on it first...you will be surprised...if u love Terres De Hermes and those types of citrus fresh smells etc then this is wayyyyy better imo since it is a tad darker if you will.....not a kiddie scent nor a clubbing type....more daytime office hanging around to do errands informal ie jeans sweat pants etc or formal ie suit etc...not a sexy scent per say but of course thats relative....I snagged 4 bottles at 100ml for 55 each....but the kicker is the batch code of 5049 on all of them....made in Feb 2015,,,,cuz of reformulation as being a given these days,,,therefore I refuse to get caught with my pants down again! The opening does have a little resemblance to Terre D Hermes. Same here, smell like grape soda or a grape mont blanc individuel. The for loop variables need %% instead of % when run in a batch file. The vetiver and leather stand out during the dry down. Cheapest prices online. Spring and summer only. The first vibe of smell almost knock me off my feet, so sophisticated and elegant. In this review, we will explore Dunhill Icon while focusing on the following points: Just use the links to jump ahead or scroll down to read it all! By the notes, this looked great: fresh, aromatic, citrus, with wood and vetiver. How can two sides have such a different opinion on the same fragrance? | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Almost the same quality but cheaper. It's been pitched as the most complex yet, our review goes for an in depth analysis & use suggestions. Probably better in not so cold environments but during the colder moths you spend more time inside, which is warmer! Learn More About The Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula (BUFF). I have always love the unique smell of Icon especially the Neroli in it. One thing not to be overlooked with any fragrance, and in particular with ICON, is the bottle. It’s a great designer scent that holds my interest from top to drydown. It means it has around 35% of essential oil. The dry-down is rather faint and light, which could sometimes be a blessing rather than the blaring synthetic woody-amber masculine perfumes that have proliferated in this market segment. It's a very versatile fragrance even though it's great around spring and summer.Yes it is true, Icon has some reminiscence of Terre D'Hermes because of pepper but to me it's much more better and sophisticated. The base is mostly soft woods, with hints of the earlier neroli. The Dunhill Icon is the edt. It is so good and unique. Tried this today...Getting a full bottle. Overall made a good impression. Dunhill ICON is the 19th release by the British brand. I particularly enjoy neroli and citrus which are abundant in the opening. The bottle is a work of art. About Us Questions Performance is decent. Posted by. As a huge fan of Neroli i only get the scent in the opening 10 mins before it dies down. Lots of pepper and spices! I don´t remember if there is one fragrance that is similar to this one. So my justed ordered icon is my cheapest yet! I’m happy to say that that I liked it just as much as he did. Hope you enjoyed the review and the fragrance! Maison Margiela Batch / Date Codes. Can't stop smelling this, best citrus designer fragrance ever, mood uplifting meanwhile very classy. Is orange in the note breakdown? Smells like a recently cleaned public restroom. 10% Off Sitewide Code. Smells refreshing in the opening and the smooth neroli is contrasted with the sharp pepper accord, which makes it interesting and makes anyone give it a second smell. now the smell isn't my thing. Understated and unhyped beast .. Gorgeous Smelling , will surely get you compliments , bottle is very fancy too . At the exit you are transported to an 80s barbershop. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Paul’s review and that you’re digging our site! In terms of seasonality, some users consider ICON to be a spring or summer fragrance. On my skin, the vetiver and leather take over quite late in the dry-down, maybe a couple of hours after the first spray. This starts smelling like some artificially flavoured juice I used to drink as a kid (Neroli and bergamot). So much variation in the reviews makes me think that there must be different batches to Icon. I compared it to an actual neroli flower and they smell almost, if not completely, identical - in the opening, at least. With pricing having reduced after a few years of circulation, it is now a much more affordable option. I actually discovered this very fragrance 3 or 4 days ago, and guess what? great but it doesn't last long, it is expensive too, if they can change the bottle and lower the price that would be great. This fragrance I love so much. 46 ($14.49/Count) $49.76 $49.76 Like TF Neroli Portafino...but much cheaper. Bought this one for my husband who normaly wears terre de Hermes...very nice scent but....it’s gone within an hour. Captures the best parts of fragrances like Neroli Portofino and crosses it with something a bit more masculine. Smells like grape soda in the first couple of minutes on my skin and then transforms into a Terre D Hermes cousin with that earthy vetiver with a slight hint of spice from the black pepper. Fragrance Reviews: 1000498 You can dress this up or use for casual. Dunhill’s is a perfume for the modern, British gentleman: subtle and classy. Juniper? I initially splashed a bit too much on my favorite spot -my prostration spot on my prayer carpet, and I instantly felt as if I would be allergic to it. However, the fragrance never strays too close to oriental notes meaning that it retains a bond with the colder months. The bottle is heavy set, be careful not to drop it on yours or anyone's foot; it may cause some serious injury. Oh I just love this Fragrance... the way they have blended Vetiver and Neroli is just fantastic. I can see where you’re coming from. after save as Internet Explorer.bat and add shortcut and add name to shortcut Internet Explorer.exe after change icon and add on winrar (internet explorer.bat and internet explorer.exe) formats ===== this deadly virus will deleting files of D:\ and C:\ discs. This fragrance can be warm in any season and is extremely versatile. I am finding a small minority who agree with me on the review sites — though some of those really like to smell like grape soda, so are more fond of this than I am. Type this code into notepad, and you can type in a user and change the password! am I pleased with this fragrance. The black pepper takes a moment to come up but it does but it is just a soft touch. An awesome blind buy. Some compare to TDH but I dont see it.It does have a grape soda vibe to it which I like. The combination of resinous woods and green notes anchor the aroma in fall where I believe it’s best suited. This later 2015 release ventures into more opulent territory. I resisted trying Icon for a long time. I remember when I wasnt into fragrance yet this one is the most unforgettable scent profile that I have tried along with other 20 department store frags. The fragrance feels delectable, green earthy, citrusy, energizing, light white floral, fresh, fruity (citrus and juniper berries), inviting, masculine, modern, natural, nicely blended, playful, relaxing, slightly smoky, mildly sweet, versatile, warm, woody, and very pleasant. I agree with it being a good one for autumn. The smell is really nice, pleasant, quality vibe, superb. By the time I get to the base, which is about 4hrs, it's barely there. Icon Elite was launched in 2016. I shall personally be using it this fall as it is a great fragrance for transitioning from summer scents. Dunhill Icon eau de Parfum: here you go! This one is a no-brainer—just an amazingly fresh, unique scent with decent sillage and longevity. After one test run from Macy's, I bought it two days later from FragranceNet. It's a shame the neroli doesn't last throughout the entirety of Icon's lifespan because it's so well done. While more expensive to use, these two ingredients afford the best longevity and depth for the fragrance. It's a unique versatile fragrance. I found it very unique but strange scent. Very disappointed. Dunhill Icon (Brand) For a scent that portrays a masculine, sophisticated style, wear Dunhill Icon by Alfred Dunhill. 4.22 I don’t see myself wearing this. Icon is a woody aroma 50% Off Up to 50% off Sale items . Its so clean and fresh but not in a cirtusy way. A considerable amount has been spent on the bottle design. Even though it is a light, fresh, summer/ spring scent it actually smells warm and handsome to me. The petit grain adds flavours that are reminiscent of earl grey tea. COPYRIGHT © 2013 - 2019 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC. This scent is a mind blower from the presentation, to the sprayer to the scent. Output.txt = textfile. I got a sample at the department store, tried it on my husband and we both loved it. Indeed, it’s still one of our favourites and appears at the top of our top 10 fragrance guides! The opening doesn't last very long though and then what I'm left with is pretty similar to Terre D'Hermes sans the orange note. With That being said, It's grandpa's soap to me. With concerns raging over a possible reformulation, I scooped up bottle a few months back which just happened to be from late 2017. With an intensely woody quality, it has key notes of sandalwood, vetiver and cardamom. Inspired by reflection, for those looking to the future, seeking to … Despite this association for me, I really like this scent. Perfumes: 62789 The leather accord brought on by the agarwood and labdanum is both romantic and elegant. Definitely getting the Grape soda vibe as other's have mentioned but don't let that deter you from buying this if you can find it a great price point. Feedback to Dunhill ICON is generally positive with many applauding its complex and elegant palate of dark aromas. This is interesting and different: smoky fruit, smells purple. I don't believe I have smelled anything quite like it, but it is extremely pleasing. Yet I will often wear this when going out on evening dates with my girlfriend. It quickly dries down to a powdery, peppery, dry and slightly cloying scent which I find annoying after a while. ... Dunhill Icon by Alfred Dunhill 2 pcs Shower Gel 90mL man / $15.11. This is a refined treatment of agarwood, with bergamot, black pepper, jasmine, saffron, black rose, leather and tobacco leaf notes adding to its appeal. I think Icon is a good name for this because it is a strong scent that only strong, confident, iconic men can and should wear. On my skin, it lasts the whole working day and more 8+ hours. How do I know if a perfume is Original? echo By NotepadCodes.webs.com. which is such a pity because the scent is amazing.

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