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Keep in mind a secondary audience of your company's "About Us" page consists of your future employees. This is the most basic. About us [Sender.Company] is a full-service digital marketing agency based in [Sender.City]. Why should your website visitors care? They taught us that Mailchimp’s brand promise is to help small businesses “look pro and grow,” no matter the channel. It's amazing what impression you can make on site visitors just by creatively telling your story with words alone. Anton & Irene is a design agency based in Manhattan. It may sound corny, but US Data’s business culture is founded on doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. But, ensuring that every component of a good campaign is represented is what you can expect from Tout Advertising. Even if you don't yet have case studies to expand on the problems you've helped buyers solve, it's in your interest to briefly mention who you've done this for. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. The companies are ranked by brand value and there is a comparison between 2019-2020. A photograph of the six founders helps to paint a picture of the company’s humble beginnings. Commonly, the kitchen is one of the rooms that shows age and neglect the most. The best About Us pages include some contact information. As much as you want as many eyeballs on your "About Us" page as possible, you won't do business with every single one of them. Kuno Creative's About Us page effectively focuses on what makes the company different: its people. Rocket Marketing and Design is a full service Internet marketing and Web Design Company in Miami, FL. The key word in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services. Best of all, Ceros' keeps the text on the page short-and-sweet, with powerful statements like "We exist to unlock creativity". This professional YouTube content creator has an eclectic collection of videos related to technology and culture, and expresses that diversity all over her "About Me" page. We're committed to your privacy. It can be done. We are an early age social media management company. Accommodating these Southeast Asian audiences makes his brand more inclusive of all the audiences he identifies with. So, how will you use copy to really draw readers in? These aren't company traits you'd think to include when starting out, but they're what your customers often make gut decisions on when buying. These specialized firms are outside contractors that businesses of any size and in any industry can hire to improve their marketing efforts. We now lead the market for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 analytics. Here's another instance where any area of your website -- not just the "About Us" page -- is an opportunity to break the mold. Doomtree is built on a bit of an innovative concept: That a group of talented artists can each have thriving solo careers, but can still come together on a regular basis to create great music. Markitors is the #1 digital marketing company for small businesses. It's the difference between creating generic webpages that provide great information, but in a straightforward, black-and-white kind of way -- versus creating webpages that provide great information and are infused with color, personality, and stay true to a company's unique brand voice. Brandon has worked in digital marketing and growth for the past 15 years as a startup founder, an in-house leader, and a consultant. Companies like Infosys, Penn Mutual, Navigant, and Kaplan rely on MarketingProfs to provide learning programs for their in-house marketing teams. From this shift, a company was born: HubSpot. On the weekeds, Tracy usually looks a little homeless wearing sweats and covered in paint from remodeling the same home for a decade. ... Marketing & Sales. However, the company lacked the expertise and support necessary to build and devise an efficient sales and marketing strategy. Team Pumpkin. Introducing the founders by name and featuring the photos of them on the "About Us" page drives home the point that Nathan and Katie are -- as they so astutely put it -- "two individuals with a passion for creativity -- creativity makes us happy.". Maybe, but, maybe not. Quite philosophical, for a place to have dinner. That makes sense, because it gives visitors an instant sample of Doomtree's product. There's a reason why these examples are exceptional -- "About Us" pages aren't always the most riveting parts of a company's website. That's exactly what Cultivated Wit -- a creative agency and media company -- does, with both an edgy name and an incredibly fun story told through video and parallax scrolling ... right on its homepage. Here are five steps to writing an "About Us" page based on some of the things that impressed us about the examples above. These reviews and our digital marketing guide help small businesses and startups find the best digital marketing company for their business. Contact us at 786-309-8333 to learn how we can help your business. With an elegant header and overlay, you'll make a great first impression as you tell your brand story. Our team quickly gets to the core of what your business is about. But, a campaign that doesn't have everything will never generate the kind of demand your business needs and ... deserves. It's an unconventional concept with an equally interesting backstory that "started as a mess of friends in Minneapolis, fooling around after school, trying to make music without reading the manual." Immediately, the user's eyes are drawn to a header that says, "It's okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things." If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software. In Canada, $1.7 billion was spent in 2004 to market drugs to physicians; in the United States, $21 billion was spent in 2002. If you have ever been house or apartment hunting, you have probably walked into a place that needed some work. The organization is on a "mission," sure, but there's also an "essence" of Refinery29, a "promise" it keeps, and a "vibe" it gives off. Having a background in various accounting positions, Kara joined Tout in 2018 after a long hiatus as a stay-at-home mom for her three children. The unavoidable factors including matchless quality, timely delivery, after sales service, professional customer support, and affordable cost distinguishes us from others. Which eyeballs are you here to serve? You can probably think of hundreds of things you want people to know, from your history to your successes to your values, but cramming all of that information on … Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services and persuading them to choose them over those of your competitors.. But what about audio and visual, too, all combined with a really cool story? Kero One is a hip-hop artist and DJ from San Francisco, and his "About Me" page carries a valuable lesson to personal brands who cater to more than one audience -- especially if those audiences speak different languages. The result: A clean and enjoyable reading experience. A Samsung representative at Best Buy will call to schedule your Galaxy S10 try out.

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