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Vitani taunts her about Kiara's disappearance, and the lionesses attack each other with Nala outmatching Vitani. Her eyebrows are dark brown and thin. As Nala struggles to keep from falling into the divide, Kion reaches down the cliff and pulls her to safety. There, she sees Nala, who greets her cubs warmly and bounds down from the ledge. Feature films Silly Symphonies: Donald Duck • Big Bad Wolf • Practical Pig • Fiddler Pig • Fifer Pig • Ugly Duckling No amount of yelling and accusations can beat down Nala. MLAB | LION KING NALA MASK: In celebration of Disney’s latest live-action adaptation of the Lion King, we wanted to create a project inspired by our favorite character, Nala, Simba’s best friend and a … That night, Nala and her family attend Bunga's celebration rehearsal. Simba reassures her that it's really cool, but Sarabi gets suspicious. She often tries to speak sense to Simba, standing as his voice of reason, firm and resolute in her beliefs with a cutting edge to her argument. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming … Nala's mother, Sarafina, introduces Ni to the rest of the Pride Landers, and then Ni leaves. Some … The Good Dinosaur: Arlo Scar's ghost returned to haunt the land, causing everyone to flee, however, Nala stayed behind under Pumbaa's protection until Simba returned to face his fear. In this film, Nala is both Simba's mate and Kiara's mother. In the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic!, Nala can be seen with Simba and Zazu during the bubble montage. Alignment Once Nala becomes a queen, she grows much more reserved and wise, no longer as spunky as she used to be. Affiliations She seems to have aged and has a more built frame. As the two share a brief embrace, Ono arrives with news that Makuu has taken over the Flood Plains. Books: Kilala Princess • Disney Princess • Disney Princess Beginnings • Disney Princess Comics Treasury • Royal Weddings, Recurring Guests: Timon • Pumbaa • Jafar • Iago • Hades • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ariel • Prince Eric • King Triton • Flounder • Sebastian • Peter Pan • Jiminy Cricket • Pinocchio • Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Gaston • Dumbo • Timothy Q. The Lion King (1994) may arguably be the masterpiece in the 1990s Disney Renaissance era. Nala and Simba marvel at the ominous landscape of the elephant graveyard. Simba again moves to get away from her, admitting that he is now different and grumbling at how her words reflected his father's. Nala attends the Ukumbusho Tradition along with the rest of her family and pride. Nala Voice. Oliver & Company: Oliver • Dodger • Tito • Rita • Francis • Einstein Finally, she is seen roaring with Simba after Kiara and Kovu are united in marriage. Her mischievous nature and carefree attitude are dangerous when mixed with her thirst for adventure. • "Sitting Pretty Awful" • "He's a Bad, Bad, Bad Sport" • "Dapper Duck Burgers" • "It Runs Good" • "Hot Air Buffoons" • "Timon in Love" • "Kahuna Potato" • "Mook Island" • "Cliphangers", The Lion Guard At the end of the song, Nala bids her pride a sad farewell and leaves. Save Nala is an Italian comic inspired by The Lion King. When Kiara tells Simba that he will never be his late father, she is not shown, presumably because she went back into Pride Rock believing it was not her place to get involved, while the rest of the Pride now realize that Simba has broken the Circle of Life and failed to follow in Mufasa's paw prints. The Fox and the Hound: Tod • Copper Likes HiP Wallpaper Home. Nala asks for clarification, and both cubs recoil in disgust when they realize that they are to be married someday. When Kiara volunteers to help Ma Tembo locate water, Nala agrees that it would be a good experience for her, and she and Simba allow Makini to accompany Kiara as well. Mulan: Mulan • Yao, Ling, and Chien Po • Fa Li • Fa Zhou • Hayabusa • Khan • Cri-Kee • Little Brother • Mushu • Shan Yu • Captain Li Shang • The Emperor of China • The Matchmaker • General Li • Grandmother Fa • First Ancestor Fa • Chi-Fu • Great Stone Dragon It serves no purpose in the article; it was added without my knowledge.--Changedforbetter 18:08, 1 March 2016 (UTC) Much of Film and television is unreferenced. There, Nala fought alongside her pride against Scar and, upon their victory, welcomed Simba as her new king. Kion and the Lion Guard arrive at the scene and try to help Simba, who sends Nala and Kiara to go to the concert as it is traditional for the royal family to attend. However, the gazelles soon begin to stampede, charging right towards Kiara, who was awaiting her parents' return. As Simba rescues Kiara and helps her back up the ledge, Nala is relieved to see her daughter safe and sound, and the two embrace. He explains what had happened when he had used the Roar in anger and confesses his fear that he will turn out like Scar. Disney Characters introduced in Birth by Sleep: Prince Phillip • Maleficent's Goons • Doc • Grumpy • Happy • Sleepy • Bashful • Sneezy • Dopey • The Prince • Evil Queen • Magic Mirror • Prince Charming • Jaq • Lady Tremaine • Anastasia • Drizella • Lucifer • Grand Duke • Grand Councilwoman • Captain Gantu • Jumba • Experiment 221 • Lost Boys Producer Thomas Schumacher, who had just completed The Rescuers Down Under, decided to attach himself to the project \"because lions are cool\". Personality He is possessed by the demon Kali. Simba whispers through clenched teeth that "he'll show her when they get there," hinting that they aren't really going to the water hole. Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada • Baymax • Robert Callaghan • Go Go Tomago • Honey Lemon • Wasabi • Fred • Fred's Dad • Tadashi Hamada • Cass • Yama • Alistair Krei • Heathcliff • Abbigail Callaghan • Attila • Sergeant Gerson • Cass Simba gives Nala a tour of the jungle, asking her if she thinks it's a great place. 31. The two manage to lose Zazu when they race among a large herd of animals as the two end up in the Elephant Graveyard. Other options New and used from $10.00. They fall through and are cornered in the deceased animal's ribcage. Nala joins in with her family, Timon, Pumbaa, and the Guard in singing "Hakuna Matata". Simba, however, soon figured out that it was a trap, and when Joka attacked Timon, his friends came to the rescue. Filters: Nala and Simba had known each other from a very young age and have always been great friends. Instead of following Simba with Timon and Pumbaa to Pride Lands (the scene where Nala tells Timon and Pumbaa about Simba's return to the Pride Lands explained by Rafiki in the original version was also omitted), she chose to leave the oasis when Simba first refused to return all alone. The idea of marrying Simba (formerly), swimming in cold water, Scar's tyranny, bad hyenas, Simba's occasional stubbornness The other lionesses sing as the supporting choir, and Rafiki the baboon sings a blessing over Nala. Disney Simba Plush – The Lion King – Medium – 17 Inches 4.8 out of 5 stars 316. Characters in the Disney animated features canon, Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse,, Her name is Tanzanian, meaning "luck," and in African, it means "successful," and in Swahili, it means "gift.". Heeding his mother's advice, Kion uses the Roar to specifically target Makuu's float and keep Nala from being harmed. • Disneyland Forever • Happily Ever After • HarmonioUS • Ignite the Dream: A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light • The Magic, the Memories and You • Once Upon a Time • Tree of Life Awakens • Wonderful World of Animation • World of Color Before he can wreak havoc on the Flood Plains, he stops himself from roaring, and Nala calls for him to trust himself. Her gentle words and sound advice serve as a softener to Simba's hard edge. Scar then demands Nala to be his queen, which she refuses. Nala later witnesses the mashindano between Makuu and Pua. Incarnations On BTVA: 11 Versions from 11 Titles. It is presumed that Nala was shocked and saddened when Kiara fled Pride Rock to look for Kovu. Heather Headley as Nala in the musical's original cast. The Incredibles: Bob Parr • Helen Parr • Dash • Violet • Jack-Jack • Lucius Best • Syndrome • Edna Mode • Rick Dicker • Gilbert Huph • Kari McKeen • Bomb Voyage • Rusty McAllister • The Underminer • Omnidroid, Villains: Xehanort • Ansem • Xemnas • Maleficent • Pete • Vanitas • Xigbar/Braig • Xaldin • Vexen • Lexaeus • Zexion • Saïx/Isa • Demyx • Luxord • Marluxia/Lauriam • Larxene/Elrena • Terra-Xehanort • Young Xehanort • Xehanort's Guardian Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts III: Zeus • Apollo • Athena • Hermes • Lava Titan • Tornado Titan • Little Chef • Woody • Buzz Lightyear • Rex • Hamm • Sarge • Green Army Men • Little Green Men • Rapunzel • Flynn Rider • Pascal • Maximus • Mother Gothel • Sulley • Mike Wazowski • Boo • Randall Boggs • The CDA • Trailer Son and Mom • Elsa • Anna • Kristoff • Olaf • Sven • Marshmallow • Hans • Mr. Gibbs • Tia Dalma • Davy Jones • Kraken • Cutler Beckett • Baymax • Hiro Hamada • Go Go Tomago • Honey Lemon • Fred • Wasabi • Lumpy • Wreck-It Ralph Only 13 left in stock - order soon. She also makes an appearance in the opening of Mickey's House of Villains, where her and Simba's dinner is stolen by Ed. Unlike Simba, she is very relaxed in her dealings with Kiara, trusting her daughter to take care of herself. | See more Nala The Lion King Wallpaper, Nala Lion King Wallpaper, Nala Wallpaper, Young Simba Nala Wallpaper, Nala The Lion King Backgrounds, Simba Nala Background. Once on solid ground, Nala thanks Kion for saving her life, but he laments having nearly lost her. "Nala and Simba when they grow up" Seems like an odd caption. Nala is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King, a supporting character in its sequel and a minor character in its midquel. • "Oregon Astray" • "New Guinea Pig" • "Isle of Manhood" • "Puttin' on the Brits" • "Klondike Con" • "Isle Find Out" • "Beetle Romania" • "Rumble in the Jungle" • "Wide Awake in Wonderland" • "Zazu's Off-by-One Day" • "Animal Barn" • "Roach Hotel" • "Africa-Dabra!" Other Female Protagonists: Alice • Wendy Darling • Tinker Bell • Esmeralda • Nala • Maid Marian • Megara • Jane Porter • Raya, Home Video: Disney Princess Sing Along Songs: Once Upon a Dream • Disney Princess Sing Along Songs Vol. In Disneyland, Nala was seen on The Lion King's float in Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams. She only makes an appearance near the latter half of the film (aside from archive footage from "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"). 1 Blurb 2 Synopsis 3 Appearances 4 Gallery Nala has always been brave, even when she was a cub. During early production, Nala was given a younger brother named Mheetu. Nala wanders into the hyenas' home, wondering if the elephant's brains are still inside its head. His idea worked, and the three friends split up. Nala yells directions to Simba as he leaps into the gorge to rescue Kiara, who is stranded above the swollen river. She later appears as Kiara is going out to play, reminding Kiara to mind her father, and reassuring Simba that she will be fine. 2 - Enchanted Tea Party • Disney Princess Sing Along Songs Vol. Nala's main animators were Bob Bryan and Gilda Palinginia and her supervising animators were Aaron Blaise whislt she was a cub and Anthony de Rosa upon becoming an adult. • "Good Mousekeeping" • "Brazil Nuts" • "South Sea Sick/The Lion Sleeps Tonight" • "Never Everglades" • "Cooked Goose" • "Yukon Con" • "Doubt of Africa" • "How to Beat the High Costa Rica" • "Swiss Missed" • "Russia Hour" • "You Ghana Join the Club" • "Uganda Be an Elephant" • "To Kilimanjaro Bird" • "Rocky Mountain Lie" • "Amazon Quiver" • "French Fried" • "Big Top Breakfast" • "Madagascar About You" • "Truth or Zaire" • "Mojave Desserted" • "Beauty and the Wildebeest" • "Don't Break the China" • "Can't Take a Yolk" • "The Pain in Spain" • "Frantic Atlantic" • "Unlucky in Lesotho" • "Rafiki's Apprentice" • "Tanzania Zany" • "Guatemala Malarkey" • "Mombasa-In-Law" • "TV Dinner" • "Back Out in the Outback" • "Gabon with the Wind" • "Timon's Time Togo" • "The Law of the Jungle" • "Manhattan Mishap" • "Paraguay Parable" • "Be More Pacific" • "Going Uruguay" • "Let's Serengeti Out of Here" • "Congo on Like This" • "Okay Bayou?" The idea was then developed by Walt Disney Fe… Disney just released new posters and publications for The Lion King, appearing and casting of the primary characters with credits to the character’s voice performers or actors in the notices and we can’t contain our energy. She then follows Kion to Mizimu Grove to see Makini's baobab seed, which survived the previous fire, and watches as Makini plants the seed. However, she is fast asleep and remains silent after the nightmare. $16.31 $ 16. The Lion Guard: Kion • Ono • Bunga • Beshte • Fuli She also makes an appearance in the opening of Mickey's House of Villains, where she and Simba's dinner was stolen by Ed. Deleted: Diku • Baasho • Iggy • Herr Rhino • Kwashi • Bhati • Mheetu • Banagi • Daabi • Dwala • Naanda, Season One: "Boara Boara" • "Saskatchewan Catch" • "Kenya Be My Friend?" Lady and the Tramp: Lady • Tramp • Si and Am • Jock • Trusty • Peg When Simba was still living with them in the jungle, a giant python named Joka tried to split the friends apart through lies and deceit in order to get Timon alone. Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Queen Minnie • Daisy Duck • Pluto • Chip and Dale • Huey, Dewey, and Louie • Magic Brooms • Alice • White Rabbit • Doorknob • Cheshire Cat • Queen of Hearts • Card Soldiers • Tarzan • Jane Porter • Clayton • Terk • Kerchak • Kala • Sabor • Hercules • Philoctetes • Hades • Cerberus • Rock Titan • Ice Titan • Aladdin • Abu • Jasmine • Genie • Carpet • Jafar • Iago • Peddler • Cave of Wonders • Pinocchio • Geppetto • Monstro • Cleo • Ariel • Flounder • Sebastian • Ursula • King Triton• Flotsam and Jetsam • Glut • Jack Skellington • Zero • Sally • Oogie Boogie • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Peter Pan • Tinker Bell • Captain Hook • Mr. Smee • Wendy • Crocodile • Merlin • Winnie the Pooh • Tigger • Piglet • Eeyore • Rabbit • Owl • Roo • Bees • Beast • Belle • Snow White • Cinderella • Fairy Godmother • Aurora • Pongo • Perdita • Dalmatian Puppies • Simba • Mushu • Dumbo • Bambi • Chernabog • Remember Who You Are • This is My Home • The Rightful King Monsters, Inc.: Boo • Needleman • Waxford • C.D.A. Nala is present at Pride Rock when the Pride Landers gather to discuss whether they should leave the Pride Lands. Kion admits that he had nearly hurt his mother with the Roar, and Bunga points out that Kion had not done so on purpose. Nala finds out that the lion's name is Ni. Menu. Nala, however, watches them from the bushes and comments that they are now truly on the Trail to Udugu. Simba and Nala come up with a plan to lose Zazu along the way by traveling through many different animal herds (the "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" sequence), which succeeds. Video games After meeting with the herd, Simba gives his tribute to the elephants, but instead of saying, "He had good on him," the standard elephantese tribute, he says, "He had poop on him." Along the way, Simba worries over having to give a tribute in the elephant language, and Zazu brags over his own skill in mastering animal languages. By air, helium, water and fattening. A screenshot of young Nala, reflecting her mischievous and spunky nature. When Simba says her name, she becomes surprised and gets off him, inquiring about his identity. Rafiki suggests that Kion visit the Tree of Life for healing, and Nala advises Kion to bring the Lion Guard with him. when she notices Simba about to fall into a pool of fire. Naanda is a lithe, sleek, and powerful lioness. Years later, Scar becomes the new king of the Pride Lands as the area becomes deserted due to his tyranny; impatient and restless, Nala plans to leave the deserted kingdom but Sarabi tells her to defend the kingdom as well as get used to Pride Rock with Scar as the new king. Alice Through the Looking Glass: Alice Kingsleigh • Dormouse • Tweedledee and Tweedledum • Cheshire Cat • Bandersnatch • Bayard • White Queen • March Hare • White Rabbit • Mad Hatter • Absolem • Time • Wilkins • Humpty Dumpty • Red Queen • Borogrove • Frog Delivery Man • Gentleman Fish • Vegetable Soldier • Vegetable Servant • Vegetable Executioner • Armored Chess Piece Nala's Dare is a book inspired by The Lion King. Meanwhile, in the Elephant Graveyard, Nala feels concerned about Simba because entering one of the areas in the wasteland could be a trap instead of feeling curious to know what's inside in the animated version. She is seen as an adult in the episode "Timon and Pumbaa" and Mickey's Magical Christmas. Young Nala is never seen in the video game, as only adult Nala has a role in the game. Initially, told the trip was to the watering hole, she is allowed to go on the condition that Zazu accompanies them, after which Simba reveals the true destination. Confused, the cubs wonder where Nala could have possibly gone. When the kingdom is taken over by Scar and his hyena henchmen, Nala rebels against their reign by assisting Simba in reclaiming the throne. ALL; SHOWS (1) MOVIES (6) GAMES (4) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. • "Maine-Iacs" • "Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum" • "Rome Alone" • "Amusement Bark" • "Once Upon a Timon" • "Home is Where the Hog Is" • "Beethoven's Whiff" • "Bumble in the Jungle" • "Mind Over Matterhorn" Tony Award-winning actress Heather Headley portrayed her in the original Broadway cast. Simba attempts to defend Nala from a trio of hungry hyenas. Later, Kion seeks advice from his grandfather, Mufasa. When Kiara's friends, Tiifu and Zuri, try to follow the pair, Nala halts them and offers to spend the day with them instead, much to Tiifu and Zuri's pleasure. She is the sister of Sarabi, and the mother of Nala. That night, Nala plans to escape Pride Rock without getting caught by Scar just as Zazu warns Nala to stay at Pride Rock before her mother Sarabi gets upset for disobeying her. Later, during the song, "I Just Can't Wait to be King," she sings quite a few extra lines that aren't heard in the film version. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Santa Claus Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: Tweedledee and Tweedledum In turn, Nala grumbles that at least one of them sounds like Mufasa and is willing to take up their responsibility. Simba doesn't have any friends and is very lonely until he trips over another cub that will change his whole life. She later directs Simba as he attempts to rescue Kiara, warning him about the river dam breaking up. Since Kovu saved Kiara's life, Simba owes him a debt and so must grant Kovu's request to join the pride. Nala's father is a character who is mentioned in The Lion Guard. Years later, as a young adult, she tries to hunt Pumbaa. Nala first appears in the musical as she is hunting with the other lionesses, replacing the scene from the film where she is being bathed by her mother Sarafina. The Lion King and all associated marks and images are the property of the Walt Disney Company. Kion asks Nala how much farther they must travel, and she answers that Udugu is not an easy place to find. Powers and abilities Source, Anthony DeRosa (as an adult)Aaron Blaise (as a cub)Scott AndersonMerry Kanawyer ClingenMike McKinneySue AdnopozLillian A. ChapmanPeggy TonkonogyCarl Philip HallAndrew RamosChang Yei Kim, To marry Simba and help him find a better life as King and not be miserable from villainous uncle King Scar (succeeded), Sarafina (mother)Unknown lion (father)Simba (mate)Kopa (son)Kiara (daughter)Kion (son)Kovu (son-in-law)Rani (daughter-in-law)Sarabi (mother-in-law)Mufasa † (father-in-law)Scar † (uncle-in-law). This scene is largely included in the musical version, minus Scar banishing Nala. In the musical based on the film, Nala's role is considerably expanded, with the events leading up to Nala leaving the Pride Lands under Scar's tyranny depicted in detail. Scar's poor reign has made her realize the importance of accountability, as she has seen firsthand what Simba's lack of interest in the Pride Lands has caused. Her steadfast faithfulness in Simba and her ready assistance mark her a loyal friend who is willing to put aside her own fears in order to do what is right and help a friend. She then joins him in charming Sarabi into letting them go, and equally disapproves of Zazu keeping an eye on them. • Feel the Magic • Festival of Family & Friends • Festival of the Lion King • Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party • It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends • Mickey's Gift of Dreams • Mickey's Magical Music World • Mickey and the Magician • Once Upon a Mouse • Rivers of Light: We Are One • The Golden Mickeys • The Legend of the Lion King • Villains Tonight! Done. Nala attempts to escape alongside Simba, but the two are chased by the hyenas. Relatives Cheerful, feisty lion cub Simba "Just Can't Wait to Be King," but with the loss of his dad, Mufasa, his adventures take a new path. Later, when Kion gets bitten by Ushari, a worried Nala, Simba, and Kiara visit him in the Lair of the Lion Guard, where Rafiki had been tending to him. Nala tries again, softly this time, to get Simba to tell her what he has been through, responding angrily when Simba refuses to tell her anything. Nala is a lioness animated character appearing in Disney's The Lion King franchise. In de originele film wordt de stem van de volwassen Nala ingesproken door Moira Kelly en in de remake door Beyoncé. Come adulthood, Nala has become much more mature, practically built on persistence and responsibility. Simba abruptly replies no, and Nala objects. She is also the first lioness to leap into battle, rendering her courageous and willing to fight both physically and verbally for justice. Zazu says he doesn't, not yet anyway, telling Simba that he's shaping up to be a pretty pathetic king. Nala first appears in the film as Rafiki presents Kiara to the animals. In the musical, Nala's role is considerably expanded, with the events leading up to Nala leaving the Pride Lands under Scar's tyranny depicted in detail. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Zero • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Santa Claus The Lion Guard: Call of the Guard • A Beautiful Day (Ni Siku Nzuri) • Zuka Zama • Tonight We Strike • Kion's Lament • It is Time • Here Comes the Lion Guard • We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) • Don't Make a Stink • Bunga the Wise • Duties of the King • Outta the Way • Jackal Style • Our Kupatana Community • My Own Way • Utamu • All Hail The Vultures • Hero Inside • Bird of a Thousand Voices • Panic and Run • Trail to Hope • Life in the Pride Lands • We'll Make You a Meal • Find Your Roar • Chungu's Lament • Baboons • Beware of the Zimwi • Lions Over All • Stand Up, Stand Out • Kuishi Ni Kucheka • Running with the King • Hadithi the Hero • Makin' Hippo Lanes • Tickbirds and Rhinos • Teke Ruka Teleza • Everyone is Welcome • The Traveling Baboon Show • A Real Meal • Fujo • The Path of Honor • Bring Back a Legend • Today is my Day • I Have A Plan • Gotta Look on the Bright Side • The Worst Hyena We Know • May There Be Peace • Big Bad Kenge • Christmas in the Pride Lands • The Twelve Ways of Christmas • I Do Have a Great Deal to Say • Fabulous Dhahabu • Give a Little Guy a Chance • We're the Smartest • Good King Simba • The Faster I Go • I'm Gonna Run This Dump • Now You See Me, Now You Don't • Wisdom on the Walls • He's The Zebra Mastermind • Kwetu Ni Kwetu • Nothin' to Fear Down Here • Shujaa Ponda • Pride Landers Unite! Nala makes cameo appearances, usually as a cub. As a cub, she has a pink nose, but as an adult, her nose darkens to brown. Nala is the daughter of Sarafina. When Simba banishes Kovu from the Pride Lands, Nala's expression shows that she is shocked by his decision, before watching Kiara rush forward to try and stop the exile, only to be stopped by the other lionesses. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 17. While the first Lion King movie was in production, a cub named Mheetu was supposed to appear in the film as her younger brother, but his character was dropped during production. She often tries to speak sense to Simba, standing as his voice of reason, firm, and resolute in her beliefs with a cutting edge to her argument. Incarnations On BTVA: 11 Versions from 11 Titles. When again Simba denies and sarcastically apologizes to her, Nala tells him that he isn't the Simba she remembers and that she is disappointed in him. Alina_Wayland: (May 12, 2013) The Lion King 4: The History of Kopa Everything seems back to normal, Kiara and Kovu are ruling alongside Simba and Nala. The idea for The Lion King was conceived in late 1988 during a conversation between Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roy E. Disney, and Peter Schneider on a plane to Europe to promote Oliver & Company. The Rescuers: Bernard • Bianca Kiara asks Kion how he will reach the ledge, and he admits that she is the better tracker and should therefore be the one to continue searching for their mother. She also makes an appearance in the opening of Mickey's House of Villains, where she and Simba's dinner was stolen by Ed. See more ideas about Lion king birthday, Lion king, Lion king party. Nala is present when Rafiki and Simba come to the conclusion that Kion is to lead the new Lion Guard. Nala rallies the pride against Scar and his hyenas. Printed Media: Uru • Ahadi • Kopa • Boma • Kula • Zuzu • Joka • Lulu Nala watches as Makini paints a portrait of the royal family at Pride Rock. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Kion states that he had just needed to have faith in himself, to which Nala asserts that she has always had faith in him. You are the 5,915,081st person to visit the Archive since August 16, 1995, and number 345 today. Once on the trail, Kion spots Nala's pawprints, and the cubs track them to the bottom of a steep cliff. Nala es una leona y la co-protagonista de la película The Lion King. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Evil Queen • Doc • Grumpy • Happy • Bashful • Sneezy • Sleepy • Dopey Sleeping Beauty: Aurora • Phillip • Maleficent • Flora • Fauna • Merryweather • Diablo • Samson • King Stefan • Goon • Owl • Rabbit The Disney Renaissance (1989-1999) was particularly keen on love stories, as it achieved major success with The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.But when it came to Nala’s relationship to Simba, things were quite different. Together, Kion and Kiara search for Nala, who is still missing. Find and download Nala Wallpaper on HipWallpaper. Nala tells him about the chaos that's been brewing in the Pride Lands under Scar's rule, telling Simba that if he doesn't return, everyone will starve. He is mentioned in the book The Art of The Lion King where he is referred to as "Mee-Too". She next appears a few months later as Kiara is going out to play, reminding Kiara to mind her father, and reassuring Simba that she will be fine. Kion brings Beshte's new friend, Ajabu the okapi, to Pride Rock to meet with Simba and Nala. The Lion Guard: Kion • Bunga • Fuli • Beshte • Ono • Tiifu • Zuri • Janja • Cheezi • Chungu • Janja's Clan • Mzingo • Mzingo's Parliament • Mwoga • Makuu • Makuu's Float • Pua • Basi • Basi's Pod • Ushari • Jasiri • Madoa • Tunu and Wema • Thurston • Mbeya • Ma Tembo • Zito • Aminifu • Reirei • Goigoi • Dogo • Dogo's Brothers • Kijana • Reirei's Pack • Twiga • Juhudi • Shingo • Muhanga and Muhangus • Tamaa • Nala's Father • Swala • Muhimu • Hamu • Ajabu • Makucha • Makucha's Army • Fahari • Jiona • Mjomba • Ogpoa • Haya • Laini • Badili • Mbuni • Mapigano • Mtoto • Gumba • Kambuni • Kwato • Shauku • Nne • Tano • Vuruga Vuruga • Young Rhino • Lioness • Majinuni and Hafifu • King Sokwe • Jasiri's Clan • Hadithi • Bupu • Boboka • Chura • Kifaru • Mwenzi • Uroho • Mwizi • Kulinda • Ona • Mpishi • Makini • Shupavu • Kiburi • Tamka • Nduli • Kiburi's Float • Chama • Kenge • Dhahabu • Hodari Hercules: Hercules • Megara • Hades The two continue to nuzzle each other, their affection leading into "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", where Simba and Nala begin to fall in love. Nala leads her pride against Zira and the Outsiders. When Scar tells the Pridelanders that Simba wants to kill Scar as he thinks Simba is evil, Nala and the other Pridelanders overhear this as Scar summons the hyenas to kill Simba and all the other Pridelanders. Nala is mentioned by Kion when he tells Uroho that the Traveling Baboon Show should perform for the royal family at Pride Rock. • Starehe • Raha • Sumu • Kongwe • Kinyonga • Kuchimba • Shujaa • Anga • Strange Lion • Strange Cobra • The Fastest • The Strongest • The Bravest • The Keenest of Sight • Yuki • Hitashi • Kimyo and Nabasu • Domog • Dughi • Bogino • Chuluun • Pãgala • Krud'dha • Lumba-Lumba • Old Civet • Ora • Komodo Dragon • Fikiri • Kitendo • Tupp • Azaad • Flamingo Girls • Flamingo Girls' Flamboyance • Tenuk • Tompok • Seisou • Mama Binturong • Smun • Yun Mibu • Nirmala • Rani • Baliyo • Surak • Janna • Ullu • Sãhasí • Ãnanda • Binga • Tangaagim • Pinguino • Cek and Rama • Tsah and Sasem • Astuto • Varya • Feliks, Pasha, and Polina • Heng Heng • Kely • Kely's Troop • Askari • Shabaha • Kasi • Imara • Tazama The other lionesses sing supporting choir and Rafiki sings a blessing. Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord • Gamora • Rocket Raccoon • Groot • Drax Still, Nala does get a bit more screen time in the reboot, and Beyoncé's voicing charges her character with a regal, empowered energy. Young lion character in the Disney movie "Lion King" Movies. She is also encouraging and complimentary of her daughter and son, Kiara and Kion, and mate, Simba. She is built somewhat more narrowly than Simba and is slightly shorter. The Lion King 1½: Digga Tunnah • That's All I Need • Sunrise, Sunset • Grazing in the Grass

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